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Brandy made 3 pieces of chocolate candy, 6 pieces of coconut candy, and 3 pieces of Caramel candy. If Danielle made twice as many of candy as brandy, how many pieces of candy did Danielle make?

At the beginning of the year, mrs. Wilkinson's class had 22 packages of colored paper. So far, the class has used 677 pieces of colored paper. If each package of colored paper contained 75 pieces,...

Grandma Howard evenly split $245 among her 7 grandchildren. Four of the grandchildren want to combine their money to get something. How much do the 4 grandchildren have together?

A pizza shop received a total of $993 yesterday. However, the ingredients for the pizza and running the shop cost a total of $553. If they sold 88 pizza, how much profit did they make on each pizza...