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While most subjects must be taught face to face, music performance is successfully taught online. Is anyone else doing this? I tutor a score of folks each week this way now, some of them local (even through Wyzant), but many more of them are from all over the world from places I could never physically visit. Instead of connecting to a student in a physical space, we connect in a virtual space. My student and I are both at home on our own computers, with an audio headset, a common chat channel and sometimes a mini-camera active. We can tutor over Google-Talk, Second Life, There, MS Chat, or Yahoo Messenger, but my favorite music-teaching platform is Skype. Skype service is free for all, the sound and video streams is fantastic and I can inhibit new callers so the student and I are not distracted by incoming calls during our session. I always spend the first few moments of the tutoring session making a good connection so we can hear and see each other clearly. If static,... read more

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