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what is the sum of abscissa and ordinate of a point P where all variable chords of the parabola y^2=8x subtend right angle at the origin , are concurrent .

What's the answer to this differential equation if n is the nth derivative? XY^(n+1)=-ny^n

Carlisle conducted an experiment to determine if the there is a difference in mean body temperature for men and women. He found that the mean body temperature for men in the sample was 97.9 with a...

k = (cos 25° cos 35°) / (cos 10° sin 20°) . so, cos 10° equal to.... a. (k√3+1)/(2k-2) b. (k√3+1)/(2k+1) c. (k√3+1)/(2k+2) d. (k√3+1)/(k+1) e. (k√3+1)/(k-1) (choose...