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Why I Can't (But Very Much Want To) Be a Teacher

I make a point of asking every new coworker I get whether they felt that they had a fulfilling and enriching education. No, I don't do this to be creepy, or to seem nerdy. I do this because I want to make a difference in the lives of our children. I want to be able to help children explore the boundaries of their minds. I want to be a teacher, and I want to see where the community I live in... read more


simplify the expression (-4+ v ^2)-(-3v ^2 +3) (answer)

First, we have to start by distributing the middle operator to all the terms in the second expression. This simplifies the two expressions into one long one:   -4 + v2 - (-3v2) - 3 -4 + v2 + 3v2 - 3   At this point, we can arrange the expression to group...


simplify (11m^2-2mn+8n^2) + (8m^2+4mn-2n^2) (answer)

Really, the parentheses do nothing more than make it confusing. Throw them aside by distributing the middle operator:   11m2 - 2mn + 8n2 + 8m2 + 4mn + (-2n2)     <-------- At this stage, you start grouping by variables   11m2 +...