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Mary Stuart S.'s Resources

The Hollywood Costumes exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is only here through February 17, 2014. This exhibit is a delightful way to expose students, of all ages,  to a wide variety of social history as seen in film and the costumes the characters wear.  The exhibit is like a massive social history timeline. Tickets are $10 for students with ID and youth ages... read more

The Virginia End of Course Reading SOL was changed in 2013, and "making inferences" was a weaker area on the test for many students. Making inferences from the information in a reading passage can be challenging for students, and even more so for ESL students who often interpret text in a more literal or concrete fashion, than native speakers do. An inference is an educated guess... read more

I feel hopeful about President Obama's remarks at the State of the Union address earlier this week concerning early education, and how money spent on Head Start is money well invested preventing later expenses down the road for these same students.  Head Start teachers create the opportunity to give students larger vocabularies and greater background general knowledge before kindergarten... read more

Many Reading SOL questions ask about a reading passage's main idea.  Normally, the very first sentence of the passage will state the main idea.  These highlighted words are frequently found in SOL reading questions.  Thoroughly understanding these words and how they signal that the reader ought to look for the key points or main idea, wil help the student understand the... read more

It is awkward and wrong to end a sentence with a preposition.  One can rearrange the words in a sentence to avoid ending with a preposition.  A preposition always has an object, so leaving the preposiotn dangling is "bad form."

Making sure that you understand the question asked in a reading SOL is just as important as understanding the passage. Always read the question before you begin reading the passage.  Know your reason or purpose in reading the passage by knowing what the question wants ahead of time. Here is my first installment in key words you will find in many SOL questions.  Understanding... read more

The Winter break is a great time to sharpen math and reading skills by making family holiday foods from recipes, along with sharing family history when discussing recipes. Collaboratively, reading cherished family holiday books and/or watching films of those books and discussing  how the book and film are different is a good way to sharpen comparing and contrasting skills.  Creating... read more