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Find all the asymptotes and the intercepts (answer)

1. To find vertical asymptotes, set the denominator equal to zero, or:   (-6x-2)(3x-6) = 0   Now, we can solve for x, remember if ab = 0, then either a=0 or b=0.   -6x-2 = 0; x=-1/3 3x-6 = 0; x=2   2. To find horizontal asymptotes,...


what is a pollutant found in soil? (answer)

This question is probably looking for the answer "Salt."   Common table salt (NaCl) is present in the soil everywhere, but if we dump large amounts of it in the soil, plants cannot grow.   We use table salt for a variety of things, everything from flavoring our...


Tricky Word Problem (answer)

This is a question about variables. It's asking you to substitute a variable for the "number" referred to in the problem.   Basically, you have to know how to put that "number" in an equation.   "a number" means x "half of a number"...