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graph y=2x by making a table (answer)

So to graph using a table, the first step is...well... make a table. so you have a column of x and y. under the x column write down a bunch of values you would like to test. I am going to test -2 through 2. x | y -2| -1| 0 | 1 | 2 |   Next, we have to plug each...


the value of the expression 4+5 (times)6-3 is? (answer)

I'm assuming your problem looks like this: 4+5*6-3 =? To solve this problem you need to use the order of operations. PEMDAS which stands for Parentheses, exponents, multiply and divide, and lastly add and subtract. You must multiply and divide before you add and subtract so you must do 5*6...


solve 5(2z-3) = 9(z-3) (answer)

Think Order of Operations, PEMDAS, parentheses, exponents, multiply and divide, add and subtract.   First you have to distribute the 5 on the left side and the 9 on the left side to each term in the corresponding parentheses.  5(2z-3)=9(z-3) 5*2z-5*3 = 9*z-9*3 10z-15...


solve the equation log3 (3x-6) = log3 (2x+1) (answer)

Hey Heather!   log39=2   -->example 3 is the base, 2 is the exponent and 9 is what I call the answer. You can rewrite this expression as 32=9 so you can see that. In the expression you have both of your logs have the same base of 3 and since they are set equal to each...


Mastering a Challenging Concept

It can be gravely frustrating when you do not understand something. You may want to give up, you may be fed up, you may say to yourself this just is not be for me, BUT DON’T! You can always figure it out! If you find yourself getting very frustrated take a break for a few minutes, get some food, take your mind off of what you are doing for just 10 minutes. By taking that break your mind can... read more