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Travel in miles (answer)

120/3 = 40 miles per hour one hour is 60 minutes 40 miles in 60 minutes From that you can calculate how many miles in 75 minutes: 40/x = 60/75


I suggest graphing a few points to see what this looks like.  That gives you the answer. The below might help you see the answer.   For x =0, fx = -7   For x = 1, fx = -9 For x = -1, fx =-1   for  x = 2, fx = -7 for x = -2, fx = 9   for...

Math Question (answer)

16 have glasses, brown hair, or both. 7 have glasses which means 9 of the 16 do not have glasses. 14 have brown hair, which means 2 of the 16 do not have brown hair.   The most that could have brown hair and glasses is 7 since only 7 have glasses. If the two who do not have...

big O complexity (answer)

We need more information to answer this, more details of the problem, O, etc.  There is not enough context to answer which is why no one has answered.


I assume that width is not an issue.  It depends upon how much space you want to leave at the top of the box.  If you fill it to the 18 inch top, or 1.5 feet, you have a ratio of 1.5 to 8 feet which converts to a ratio of 1 to 5.33

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