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completing the square (answer)

when you complete the square you have to focus on  the coefficient for x (not x2, just the regular x)   in your case its its 6 --> what you want to do is cut it in half (3) and then square it, thats where the 9 comes from.   ideally, you would have x2 +...


Addition and Subtraction w/ different denominators (answer)

ok your denominators have to be exactly the same, then you just add or subtract straight across the top part, the numerator     what i would do first is factor out your denominators   then multiply so that your denominators have the same binomials     1 3/x-5...


Solving business related equations (answer)

Last week it sold three times as many Shuffles as Nanos.   the amounts sold are going to be your x's, since you have no clue or anything about nanos, make that X   You sold three times as many shuffles so make that your 3x     the total sales come...


When does 2nd car catch 1st car? (answer)

distance = rate x time   now when the car "catches up" the distances that they drove will be equal   so that means the rate x time for each car has to come out to be the same (bc rate x time is distance as shown above)   so car 1 has a rate of 80km/k   so...


Note Taking

One of my biggest pet peeves that I have with my students is their notes.  If I'm working on schoolwork or regents prep with a student, they usually have a makeshift binder that looks like it was force fed miscellaneous papers.   My SAT and ACT student follow along well when we do examples and can even follow the steps to arrive at a correct answer at practice, but I highly question... read more


HELP ME OUT PLEASE SOLVE IT.............. (answer)

First thing you have to do is get the slope   (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) = slope   lets make (6,-9) point 1, and (-2,3) point 2      you dont really need to do this part but it helps so x1 = 6  y1 = -9                ...


.8 = how many minuets (answer)

to go from hours to minutes, multiply the hours by 60   so 2 hours is 120 minutes  2x60=120   half hour is 30 minutes   .5 x 60 = 30   so you have .8 hours   .8 x 60 =48   .8 hours is 48 minutes   ------ if...


completing the square? (answer)

ill give you the steps first then we can go through it  --- its quick dont worry 1) get all the x's on one side of the equation 2) identify the coefficient for x (not x2, the regular x) 3) cut the coefficient from step 2 in half 4) square the # from step 3 5) add it to both...


functions and piece wise functions (answer)

when you find the domain, think of x values that cant be plugged in   in this instance, the denominator (bottom) cant be = 0   so x^2-7x-8 =0  this will tell you the #'s you cant use.   (x-8)(x+1) = 0 x=8 and -1   so you domain...


what are some of the subjects wud i need to know before taking an act (answer)

as far as the math goes - algebra - solve for x, factoring, evaluating functions, and being able to interpret a function on a graph. geometry (no proofs) area perimeter are fair game, area of shaded regions (multiple shapes on top of each other) theres 4 trig questions (sohcahtoa, basic basic...


How do I solve x/5-7=1/3x-5 (answer)

Hey Jen,   is it   x  - 7 =  1  - 5            5           3x   or    x - 7 =    1                     ? 5  ...


how to solve equations with variables on both sides (answer)

Like Andrew said it's tough to explain w/o an example.   Whatever side has the smaller coefficient (# in front of your Y) subtract that from both sides.  After that it should be a regular 2 step equation.      ex  5y - 15 = 10y +5     the...

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