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turn into persant to number? (answer)

Hello Pedram,    Percent means 'per hundred,' so 89% equals 89 divided by 100.  If you divide 89 by 100, you get .89.  In conclusion, to turn a percent into a number, divide by 100 and remove the '%' sign.  To turn a percent into a number, you could also move the...


How much do the middle 68% of customers purchase? (answer)

Hello Jamie,    How are you?  I have answered your question below:   For a normal distribution, 68% of the values fall within one standard deviation of the mean.  This means that 68% of the values are between ($55 - $18) and ($55 + $18).     Hope...


example of inequality (answer)

Hi Belle,   How are you?  My answer to your question is below:   An inequality is a relationship where two values are different from each other.  Examples of inequalities are   a < b which means that a is less than b.  For example, 1 >...


at what point in life will i use any of this stuff. (answer)

There are a lot of high-paying careers in the sciences that require you have a good knowledge of math. I work at a transportation agency and I can tell you, civil engineers use math all the time.  In order to get your engineering license, you have to take two exams which require you be proficient...


y=-x^2 (-3<=x<=3) (answer)

Hi Annie.  I assume we would like to determine what values of y satisfy this equation.  Let's substitute some possible values of x into the equation and solve for y.     x = 0, y=0 x = 1, y=1 x = 2, y=4 x = 3, y=9   At the positive side of...