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When I think back to my education and the teachers who impacted my life, I am reminded of three teachers.   First was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gerheart.  She was amazing.  She was patient and loving.  No matter how silly or difficult I could be she still loved me.    Second, was Mrs. Wren my humanities teacher.  She was strict, had high expectations... read more

Many young students struggle with the concepts of money, especially coins.  They struggle because the size of a dime is smaller in diameter than a penny and a nickel, but is worth more.  They struggle because counting by 10's then 5's can get confusing.   One way I help students to identify coins value is by creating a chart.  The chart lists the value of each coin... read more

I often hear students tell me they can't do math or it too hard!  This is exactly the kind of challenge I love.  I love show students how math surrounds us and bring a new way for them to see math.   My favorite place to work on math is when our family is grocery shopping.  I love it when they have buy 10 cans for a $1.00.  This is a great division problem. ... read more