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I have had many good teachers in my life, but not all necessarily in formal educational settings.  I had a WONDERFUL preceptor when I first came out of nursing school. Vielke was calm, knowledgeable, helpful, nonjudgemental, friendly, and the patients and staff loved her.  She could work her way around a difficult patient load, while never panicking.  My third grade teacher,... read more


Learning the Language

There is a lot to be said for knowing vocabulary.  Just about any profession you enter will have its own "lingo", and being able to break sentences down word by word is incredibly helpful.  There are reasons why teachers push basic knowledge, like knowing how to alphabetize quickly, doing your multiplication tables in your head, and understanding how to break sentences apart... read more


Study tips

So you're having trouble studying for a big test... trust me, you're not alone.  I always share my own struggle with students because then they can understand that not only can you overcome your problems, but you can learn and succeed, as well.  For me, I never learned how to study while I was growing up.  I either never needed to, or couldn't be bothered.  It wasn't until... read more