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solve the equation log2 x + logx 2 =2.5 (answer)

if you remember that if you were going to change base of a log   logb(x) = logd(x) / logd(b)   if we used this principle with your eqn   log2x + logx2 = 2.5   we could get the eqn into on base   ln(x)/ln(2) + ln(2)/ln(x) =...


where do i have to got to learn and understand mathemetics (answer)

I am assuming you're asking where you can go to learn and understand mathematics.   There are several websites that are useful You can use this website, they have some nice explanations for different levels of math under the resources at the top of the page, or you can go directly...


Applications of system of equation (answer)

(1)The best thing to do with word problems is list all the info you have and need assigning variables   it = total money invested = 5500   if1 = amount invested in fund 1 if2 = amount invested in fund 2 = it - if1 = 5500 - if1   pf1 = profit fund 1 = 8%...


how do you solve ln(x+1)-ln(x)=ln4 (answer)

ln(x+1) -ln(x) = ln(4)   if you remember the basic rules of logs   1) logb(mn) = logb(m) + logb(n) 2) logb(m/n) = logb(m) – logb(n) 3) logb(mn) = n · logb(m)   So if we look at your eqn, we can use rule 2    ln(x+1)...


How do I solve this dividing monomials problem? (answer)

(m-2)(n-5)/((m4)(n3)-1)   you could also notice that the denominator is also to the -1 power which means that it becomes part of the numerator   1/x = x-1 1/x-1 = x   (m-2)(n-5)/((m4)(n3)-1) =(m-2)(n-5)(m4)(n3)= (m-2)(m4)(n-5)(n3)   you...


How do i factor a binomial when one term is cubed? (answer)

Yes it is possible.   Actually both of the terms in the equation are cubed.   27x3 = (3x)3  and (-1) = (-1)3= (-1)(-1)(-1)  = 1(-1) = -1  or (1)3 = 1   realizing this we can use formula for (a3 - b3) = (a-b)(a2 + ab + b2) in your...


how to you turn a decimal into a fraction (answer)

Nicole   To convert a decimal with a repeating digit to a fraction Take your original number and multiply it by 10   in your case we have x = 215.1111111111 now if we multiply it by 10 10x = 2151.111111111   Now we have two numbers with...


Determine the domain, range and horizontal asymptote (answer)

The horizontal asymptote tells, roughly, where the graph will go when x is really, really big. So I'll look at some very big values for x in both the positive and negative direction   lets use x at ±1  ±10  ±100 and  ±10,000 and ±1,000,000 lets begin with...


Need help fast (answer)

First, we should look at dilation and what traits are retain and which change   A dilation is a transformation (notation ) that produces an image that is the same shape as the original, but is a different size. A dilation stretches or shrinks the original figure.   Properties...

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