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WWTK: WyzAnt Wants to Know

The problem prompt: "Which teacher from your past (or present) are you most "thankful" for and what lesson did they teach you?" I am most thankful for Richard Feynman for his lectures. Richard Feynman (who won the Nobel Prize in Physics) has taught me how to think like a Physicist with his published three-volume masterpiece: "The Feynman Lectures on Physics",... read more


Recommended Videos

I highly recommend that you watch this short five minute video on YouTube. Just search Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician? 


What has been your favorite tutoring experience and why?

My favorite tutoring experience has been running intensive seminar courses in Chemistry and Physics. I was given free reign to develop all course content: including lectures, quizzes, homework assignments, and laboratory experiments. During this course, I taught Chemistry and Physics from a high-level perspective, introducing, comparing, and contrasting the Periodic Table of Elements and... read more


Cornell Method of Study

The Cornell Method is used when synthesis and application of learning is required, and the “Guided Notes Method” is used when basic recall is all that is required. The style of note taking that you choose could mean your score suffices during the multiple-choice section of the exam and suffers during the practical portion of the exam. If the Cornell Method of Study is done using a binder, it... read more