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Project cost

 project that cost 250000 is expected to generate 80000 in year 1, 90000 in year 2, 50000 in year 3 and 80000 in year 4 the project cost is 5 %a( Calculate the npv and make caoital budgeting...


need detail answers

If these two assets are in the same portfolio, would that be better or worsefor the portfolio return? Can you tell by a quick examination, and how?   Calculate the standard deviation...


detail explanation

Find the monthly payment of a $4,000 loan for 48 months at an add-on 9%annual interest. Also, find the final balance if this loan is to be paid off atthe 30th payment (assuming that 29 payments have...


detailed answer

How long will it take Kate to pay for her furniture set if she chooses to payonly the minimum monthly payment of 2% of the outstanding balance? Her furniture set cost $3,750 financed at 19 3/4% annual...


monthly payment

Margaret obtains a personal loan of $1,200 at 834 % interest for 1 year. Given that the bank follows the rule of 78, construct the payment schedule showing five columns: payment number, payment fraction,...