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It's not all about you, Chemistry!

Students are often shocked when I bring in physiology, general biology, physics, and other topics into a chemistry lesson. Perhaps the problem is generated from the fact that we think of disciplines as separate silos. If you're a chemist, you can't be a physicist or a biologist. Rubbish! Chemistry is the basis of so many technologies that we enjoy in life. A solid grasp of the subject will... read more


Trust Your Instincts

This is an oddly effective right-brain activity that works well with left-brain tests.   How many times have you encountered a science or math question on an exam that seemed as if you were close to's on the tip of your tongue (so to speak)...but you just keep waffling. This is particularly dangerous on a multiple-choice question. There are usually two wrong answers. Get... read more


Skip the Commute

In this day and age of telecommuting, it should come as no surprise that tutoring can be as successful online as in person. There are many technologies available to make this possible.   A top question I get asked, is, "Is online tutoring as good as in-person?" I started teaching online in 2004; and one of the my top goals was to ensure that my courses were as good as those... read more


Limited in time?

My number one advice to everyone is to never focus on obstacles; but instead, always keep your goals in sight.   As someone who spent most of her life in grad school or as a professor, the top excuse for not going back to school is time limitations. But that's just an excuse. You no doubt know people who have managed to accomplish what seems to be a million things at once. How... read more