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One day I was sitting in the student union at the University of Utah when I noticed two students sitting near me working on a physics problem. One student was having trouble and the other was explaining how to do it using big hand motions. The first student nodded he understood. The second student left his friend to work on the problem on his own, and I watched him work for a while, then turn... read more

Hi Bailey,   We need to rearrange the given equation so that x is by itself on one side of the = sign. To start, we can factor x out of the two terms on the left so we have   x(2y-1)=2   Next, we just divide both sides of the equation by the expression in parentheses...

I was surprised one day to hear the instructor in an introductory physics class claim that "memorization is useless." He meant that it won't help you succeed in a physics class. Now this professor is a smart guy, but this claim is untrue. If he'd qualified it by saying that memorization is not enough, that would be different. Certainly it's true that compared with a history class,... read more

Answers express 16 (answer)

You can think of an angle as a portion of a circle. There are 360 degrees in a complete circle, and 16 degrees is a fraction of that. We can write the fraction as 16/360. That's most of the way to answering the question. All that's left to do is simplify the fraction.

As students, we're often confused. And we don't like it. We think we shouldn't be confused. Maybe we think it says something about how smart we are that we have trouble understanding. But think about it: when we're trying to learn something new, we're automatically in the space between what we know and what we don't. It's natural to be confused.   Here is a short video of Richard... read more