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ADD and ADHD Students in the Classroom

As an individual diagnosed later in life with ADHD (age 20) as well as a college student, I've had to readjust how I look at school as well as my my goals for the future. My ADD wasn't diagnosed until I reached college because I never had to pay attention in high school to get good grades despite being in advanced classes. It was only in college that school became a challenge. For the first... read more


Tips and Tricks for Writing Papers

So as a college student, I write a lot of papers (and I mean a lot!)  I've technically been writing college papers for five years now so I've learned a few tricks and tools when I work with vocabulary that I'd like to pass along.  I've had professors give me handouts on their" do's and don'ts".  I've included the best of them.  Some of these may work for you, some... read more


Considering the Practical Aspects of Your Major in College

Studying History in College       Ever since I can remember, I have loved history.  As a small child, my parents would have to drag my out museums to my disapproval.  Every year when the time to decide to pick where the family would travel to for family vacation, my answer would always be along the lines of "Jamestown!, Williamsburg!, or Yorktown!"  The... read more