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Maria H.'s Resources


Back to School with a Bang!

I can't wait! Not words usually heard by anyone but Kindergarteners on the first day of school. But how can you help your child look forward to what has become for him or her drudgery, a place of unmet expectations- on everyone's part? 1. Emphasize the positive- what if lunch is the best time of the day for your child? He may be more social than the average child, and that social time is... read more


Summer Slump Survival Guide

Students, don't let summer steal your great learning! Instead let summer be a time of exploration using those very skills you picked up during the year. Need some tips on how to use those skills? Here's 5: 1. Read about it. Where are you going on vacation? Where is your friend going on vacation? Look up those hot vacation spots online or in a travel book. You will have a chance to practice... read more