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Ho, Ho, Humbug?? - Tutoring During the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us - school will be out soon - and parents and students are looking at a 2-4 week hiatus from the regular routine of school work.  What happens to all of the knowledge and skills learned from school and tutoring during those weeks? Well, having been a high school principal for years, as well as a classroom teacher,... read more


Procrastination - the Answer is Study Skills

Why Do Students Procrastinate? We all procrastinate, so it is no surprise that students do as well. However, the difference is that we want our children, our students, to manage life better than we do, and that means learning how to avoid procrastination. So, before a problem can be solved, it needs to be diagnosed – so let’s diagnose: Procrastination Comes in All Excuses and Fears... read more