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Dress for the environment. This sounds so simple yet I will have a student show up for a long hike in flip flops! Always, always wear good sneakers or hiking boots with socks (even in the summer). Layered clothing is best. Long sleeves can keep you warm or keep you from getting a sunburn. Long sleeves are actually cooler in the summer. A white or gray over shirt can also double as a tool for setting your white balance and exposure! Carry a couple of large trash bags. They don’t weigh much and can be a quick rain coat. Use the bag to set your equipment on to keep everything clean and dust free. Sitting on the bag will allow you to create those low angled shots without getting dirt in your face or on your clothes. insect repellant and sunscreen are a must for the outdoors. After applying, wipe your hands with a wetnap to avoid making your camera greasy. Our fingers are often near the face when operating a camera. Avoid rubbing your eyes. How much equipment can you carry... read more

With digital photographic equipment, the temptation is always to seek out the biggest, baddest, fastest, coolest tool on the market. Bigger cards are certainly more expensive which is often how we measure value and quality! For those working with Huge RAW picture files, this may be a viable option. When purchasing memory cards and photographing with a 10 or 12 megapixel camera, I still prefer the 4GB card over the 32 or 64GB card. Why is the smaller card a better solution for me? It all comes down to workflow and insurance. I usually keep my cards in plastic, waterproof cases with a window showing each card. The cards are numbered on the back. If a card is ready for use, the side without a number will show through the window. If a card has been filled with pictures, it is returned to the case with the numbered side facing through the window. I can tell from the outside of the case, which cards are available. This allows me to change cards swiftly and smoothly. Since I... read more

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