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any special techniques or advice on how to tutor students ESL (answer)

Nancy, I have tutored a number of English language learners, both children and adults. I usually structure my one-hour lessons in thirds. The first third is devoted to reading. I use texts the students can read for pleasure, if possible. Of course, if the student needs to read certain material...


She Makes a Lesson Funny

"Judy is the best teacher.  She is really kind, and she makes a lesson funny.  We always thank her for teaching us!" -C.C. and A.C., mother and daughter


Number One Helper and Counselor for Our Family

"Mrs. J. was the ESL teacher for my youngest daughter for two years in elementary school and the private tutor for her elder sister at the same time period. At that time, we just had arrived to United States from South Korea, and we had no information at all on the elementary and secondary school systems in US. She took care of our family in many aspects, and she has been the number one... read more


Best Teacher for English

"I learned in so many ways from Mrs. J. She used some games to memorize the definition of words, and sometimes, just for fun. She always used kindest words and encouraged me by telling me my strong points. She never screams out loud to her students or to anyone else. She naturally speaks by using the easiest and best way in teaching us. When I came to America, I had no knowledge... read more


Just Like Santa?

"Mrs. J. taught me as best as she can. For English, she knows it well, so she taught me all she has. Although we did good or bad, she figured out what we did well and talked to me so we can do it better next time. She encouraged me a lot. Her personality is like, um, Santa...? She always smiles except when she need to focus on math. She always talks positively. She talked with me a... read more


Success with Korean Seasoning

I've been working with a lovely Korean lady for a year. Last night we had our lesson and then shared a delicious Korean meal. This sweet lady is a super intelligent engineer. She tells me her boss complains that her English is not good enough. I pointed to the book we are now reading--a long chapter book with plenty of difficult vocabulary--and asked her if she would have been able to read... read more