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WyzAnt gave me the opportunity to tutor a student entering Berklee School of Music. I was tutoring Music Theory. I had 6 weeks to tutor 2 semesters of theory. My student did an excellent job with assignments and was a pleasure to work with.  Here is what my student wrote after she started at Berklee:   “Hey Ric, I just wanted to let you know that I took my entering... read more

It has been an extremely busy several weeks. My Guitar book is out in print & ebook form. It is doing very well and has now received endorsements from the guitarist on American Idol and The Voice. It has also been reviewed by a number of Nashville recording session musicians and is getting great response. I did quite a lot of arranging in Nov. & Dec. including pieces for... read more

"As a guitar player, I am always looking for new resources to help me get better at my craft. I have gone through book after book that held some good tips for improving my playing. Some better than others. I have been playing the guitar for 40 years now and still consider myself a rhythm hack. I must confess that I do not spend the time like I should but that is another article. A... read more

I have completed my Guitar Manual. The manual will also be turned into a video series. The manual is not meant as an exhaustive study on guitar or theory, but a 30 page manual on "what has worked for Ric" in years of recording studio work and performing as a sideman and artist. My hope is that the concept of "your hands will work about as good as what your head knows" will... read more

My Composition student, Ken (who is also a college music teacher) completed an arrangement for Flute Choir on a Christmas Carol. The piece was played through yesterday with success! The music director ask Ken if he could do another and have both premiered in an upcoming Christmas concert - Congrats Ken!   My international student Melody has scored a video montage and did an excellent... read more

2 of my international internet students have had some recent accomplishments. Melody has written an exceptional arrangement of a hymn for an "un-plugged" chamber ensemble that was premiered last Sunday (Sept. 29, 2013) and went great!   Ken (also a music teacher at colleges) has been commissioned to arrange a Christmas Carol for Flute Choir.   Congrats to...

I am nearing completion on the guitar manual. I received a comment from a music director at a well-known church who wrote: "This is great! I’ve done some thinking about this too, but this is new, I mean you’ve put it in a way I’ve never quite heard before, and it‘s eye-opening. This picture opens a door for me and takes my thinking a step further - well done!”

I have been working on a couple of manuals I hope to complete soon. One is an arranging manual. This is one I developed for the Master Composition classes at Southwestern Seminary.   It is a manual that gives one an A-Z basic course in re-harmonization and other techniques for arranging and composing. I sent this to a few of my private students here in the states and overseas,... read more

Today (7/10/13) I completed an arrangement for flute / French horns / trumpets / trombones / cello / rhythm section.  I had a very intense deadline for this project, but got all done and turned in on time (actually early!) for a rehearsal tonight and upcoming performance.