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Students, who have a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD, as well as many other affective disorders, struggle with more specifically called executive functions. Executive functions include: memory, organization, impulse control, and connecting past experience with current actions. To help these students some simple proactive help from those who want the best for them can make all the difference: make... read more

Research tells us that a student can lose up to two months of what they learned from their previous school year during the summer. It is important to keep your child's mind on learning, because reading is essential for all academic and elective disciplines. A good idea is to keep a schedule for your child to read one hour each day. This will keep their mind fresh and build the necessary reading... read more

Follow your heart and not what you think would be the logical path. I now know that my artistic strengths do not get to manifest themselves in my career of choice. I wish I would have added to my college life design classes. The more diverse you are the better potential you have in marketing your abilities.