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Working out some details....

Hello again!   Well, I'm pretty bummed that I can't imbed pictures here directly. I'm looking into other blog options and thinking of just posting links here to blogs elsewhere. It was certainly a short-lived adventure here but I need to be able to include pictures in my blogs. Perhaps if WyzAnt ever adds that feature I'll come back here.    I'll post an update... read more


Converting Between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Hi again. I thought I'd start with something simple. Here's an everyday application of math, science, and graphing skills that I think you'll find useful. Enjoy!   A while back, the Tap Dancing Engineer was visiting some tap dancing friends in Canada. We ended up talking about recent strange weather, which of course led to a discussion of converting between temperature scales.    The... read more


Introducing The Tap Dancing Engineer

Hi! Tap Dancing Engineer here.   I've decided to start a blog about the silly (and interesting) math and science things I do in my every day life. This is a fun a way for me to show how math and science can be applied to our lives outside of the classroom.   I've got a few ideas to get me started and I'll try to do this weekly, but no promises. I do a lot of nerdy math/science... read more


Maths's problem solving (answer)

Well, we know enough information to make some equations and solve them. Things we know: 1) 52 legs total 2) Ducks have 2 legs 3) Cows have 4 legs 4) No other legs are being counted 5) 4 more cows than ducks We have 2 unknowns: # of ducks, we'll call that D, and # of cows,...


examples of mean (answer)

I'd need to see the exact question to be sure, but I think the explanation below should help. Mode should be the same.  Whichever # is repeated most often.  If you have multiple repetitions of an unknown, it could end up being your mode. Example A: 2, 4, 5, 3, 4, 6, x, 4, 2 =>...