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One of the major differences between algebraic equations and algebraic expressions consist of the equal sign because the equal sign consitutes for a solution that can be checked to verify that it is the solution. Expressions are meant to be simplified so common factors are important in simplifying expressions. Equations give a way to actually check the answer by subsitution for the variable... read more

A principle of self defense that often goes unnoticed is the proper footwork that is necessary to defend against an attacker. Many people focus on the movements of the arms and various techniques involving the hands but footwork is necessary to launch a good defense. For example, the feet should not be too wide because it doesn't offer a good stance to defend against throws while a narrow stance... read more

I was approached a few years ago during the summer by a maintenance man while I was conducting a training session. He asked me the type of style I was teaching and it was freestyle karate yet I noticed that there was a sincere reason why he approached me with an inquiry of my style. He eventually told me that his son was being bullied by his neighbors on a frequent basis so he was concerned... read more