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The following are a few key excerpts from a fascinating look at how schools that focus on writing (emphasizing logical reasoning and analysis) achieve extraordinary results, even across disciplines, as exemplified by one particular school. Beneath them is a link to the full article: “Faced with closure, [New Dorp High] School’s principal went all-in on a very specific curriculum reform, placing an overwhelming focus on teaching the basics of analytic writing, every day, in virtually every class. What followed was an extraordinary blossoming of student potential, across nearly every subject[...]“ “Over the next two school years, 46 states will align themselves with the Common Core State Standards. For the first time, elementary-­school students—­who today mostly learn writing by constructing personal narratives, memoirs, and small works of fiction—will be required to write informative and persuasive essays. By high school, students will be expected to produce mature... read more

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