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Unlike most people, tutoring is my full time job AND I love it. It's a rare combination to find something you like to spend hours a day doing and get paid at the same time. Therefore, I take my tutoring of you or your children very seriously. Tutoring is like any other appointment. Tutoring is not something that you do "when you feel like it." Your education is important to me and I hope it would be important to you too :)   Creating a tutoring schedule is a commitment. Sticking to this commitment is crucial. It is also considerate to let me know if you want to cancel a session....ahead of time. If you have an emergency, then I completely understand. If you decide that you have something else to do or planned your day poorly, then you will be charged accordingly.    I have a very full schedule. Rescheduling should only be done in an emergency and if my schedule permits it.    Cancellation Policy 48+ hours Notice... read more

Learning Chemistry is difficult. There are so many little details that must be known to answer even the most basic of questions. But it is possible. Time and patience are required and if you do not possess these 2 things, learning chemistry may seem impossible. Cramming a week before your AP test does not work. Just giving you answers does not work. I am a tutor, not a crammer or answer giver. I am here to teach you and help you learn.

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