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Okay, guys. I hate to do this, but I need to put on my teacher hat for a moment. (I don’t think teachers actually wear hats, but I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down.) Here’s the thing: YOUR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING IN YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY MUST, MUST, MUST BE PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! You may be rolling your eyes and saying, “What’s a little mix-up between... read more

You may be thinking, “Rosie, your essay advice is great, but my applications are due in just a few months and I’m applying to nine different schools and they all have different essay prompts and I have soccer and homework and my job and babysitting to do. How am I ever going to finish nine different essays? AHHHH! I’m not going to college!” Okay, that last part got a tad Lifetime movie-ish,... read more

Greetings and Salutations! I have a bazillion things to say on this topic. In fact, I have so many that I created a whole business for it, but since I just spent some quality time with the awesome folks at MT College Prep, I thought I'd outline some bonus essay writing strategies here. In the interview, I offered these three "onstage" tips to organize your essay: The Opening... read more