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Mathematics: I tried a different approach today to "Equivalent Fractions" because yesterday Connor just shut down. Incorporating his success with identifying primes and prime factors. we factored the numerator and denominators first, then I asked him to cross out common factors but he really has such an aversion to numbers he found this difficult also. We won't have another chance... read more


Many students' self esteem is tied to "being ahead in math" because they have received praise in the past. Some parents, teachers and administrators put pressure on students to take more higher math courses, to take Algebra in elementary or middle school and even to skip geometry in the rushed march to AP Calculus.   I believe this is a mistake! More often than not,... read more


Most everyone knows the Pythagorean Theorem and you can use it to solve this problem. Where is the right triangle? Connect the points (-2,4), (1,0) and (-2,0). One leg measures 3, the other leg measures 4, so the hypotenuse is 5! Five is the length of half PQ, so the whole line segment PQ is...