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Did you know that College Board, the organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used in college admission and placement (e.g. SAT), prepares data, reports and research that it then shares with its affiliated colleges/ universities? In May 2012 College Board examined the validity of the SAT for predicting performance in first-year English and mathematics courses. Their results revealed a positive relationship between SAT scores and course grades. Their findings suggested that performance on the SAT is predictive of performance in specific college courses. What does this mean for you and your student? Firstly, it means that College Board is cementing the SAT as a necessity for college-bound high school students. Secondly, it means that colleges/universities are listening-- the number of higher education institutions turning students away because of SAT scores is rising. Thirdly, it means that SAT prep is becoming an high school essential not a luxury... read more

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