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A good technique I learned for distinguishing the verbs that take avoir from those that take être as the auxiliary verb can easily be remembered by referring to the following acronym. DR & Mrs. Vandertramp Descendre Retourner Mourir Rentrer Sortir Venir Aller Naître Devenir Entrer Revenir Tomber Rester Arriver Monter Partir One important concept to remember about verbs that take être is that in the passé composé and other compound tenses the gender agreement is with the person or people who perform the action. Ex: Paul est parti. Marie est partie. Paul et Marie sont partis. Anne et Marie sont parties. Verbs that are reflexive also always take être in compound tenses. Ex: Roger s'est réveillé. Pauline s'est réveillée. However, if the verbs are reciprocal verbs and the verb is indirect (takes à), the agreement is with the object and not the subject. Ex: Pauline et Marie se sont écrit les lettres. Yet,... read more

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