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Studying is an individual thing, there is no one right way or wrong way to study nor is there one set of conditions that can be generalized to any l student, but there are some things that work: 1. Studying should be done in lighting that is comfortable for each individual student. 2. Studying should be done in a comfortable chair in an upright position, you should be comfortable but not so relaxed that you become sleepy 3. Have a light snack while studying. The brain needs food for energy, but don't over eat as this will again make you sleepy 4. Study in short spurts of about 20 minutes then take a short break. People generally remember the 1st and last things that they read, so if you study for 1 hour straight, 2 things are learned. But if you study for 15 minutes then take a 5 minute break and come back, 6 items will be retained into memory. 5. Try, if possible, to be aware of how you learn the best. Some people have to read, others have to write, and still... read more

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