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Do you have a friend you want to officially beat in a debate? Are my fees too high? Do you like showing off in front of people? If this sounds like you than bringing a friend is the perfect solution! Friends are only 10$ more making it fun and cheap!  But all good things must end. The largest a group can be is six persons, no more. More than six is just redundant unless it is a lecture. "But Ben!" You exclaim, "What would we do with extra people? Wouldn't they just get in our way?" No. While it is true only one person can speak at a time the whole point of public speaking is to be persuasive and convince people. Whether you are trying to sell, inspire, or simply entertain there is no point in speaking if there is no audience. Multiple people means an educated discussion with a professional moderator. But wait! It gets better... we can have debates! Although I am rarely asked to organize debates they... read more

I have received this question many times in many forms. The short version is it depends on what you, the student, needs. Do you (or your children) need speaking confidence? To stop stuttering? To speak loudly and proudly? But below are some specific skills and abilities I can teach in addition to whatever you need. Proper body movement while speaking - foot work, hand gestures, even facial expressions! The removal of filler words - "um" "er" and improper use of "like" just to name a few. Word choice - words like "thing" "stuff" and slang are okay for your friends but not for a crowd! Speech writing - oh the tricks! So very, very many; but here are a few: defining words in your favor, speaking to the judge (the judge is the person or people who matter, not necessarily the crowd), and listing examples in groups of three or two (did you notice me doing that yet? If so you have some experience already!). Fixing... read more

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