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Every year, 18-year-olds around the country are confronted with a simple reality: College is hard. Many students, after receiving straight-As in high school, are shocked to learn that they can no longer breeze through their classes with minimal effort. And with newfound freedom that allows them to set their own schedule and own rules, some find themselves drowning in their schoolwork. Here are a few tips for the new college student: -Go to class. This may sound obvious, but you might be surprised how many students will skip class, thinking, “It’s only one class.” But since class is not held daily and not filled with busywork like in grade school, every single meeting is important. -Keep up with the reading. One of the biggest challenges new college students face is the massive amounts of reading the professors expect them to complete from week to week. Set aside time for reading every day, even if you don’t have class that day. Don’t leave reading for the last... read more

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