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Square roots? (answer)

Hi Courtnee, I am not going to provide you with the answers to all of these problems because it's your homework not mine :), but I will help you learn how to solve problems such as this, so  I will illustrate with #2.  It will seem as if I am over using parentheses, but because...


Hi Francisco, What does it really mean when you are asked to solve a system of equations by graphing? This is probably the question you asked yourself when you read it, "what do they want"? What they are really asking you to do is to find where the two graph intersect if...


To My Future and Current Students, I can't stress enough the IMPORTANCE of ALGEBRA! Of all the mathematics I have taken in my lifetime...BELIEVE ME IT'S BEEN A LOT, ALGEBRA is the only course that is WOVEN into every single course. I was lucky enough that my first mathematics teacher in High School (Mr. Large), turned me from a B student into an A student such that I graduated High School... read more


Hi Kat, Many people look at word problems and immediately think they are hard, but understanding a word problem is as simple as reading and translating English words into MATH SYMBOLS! I don't disagree with what Nataliya wrote, however in my classes I have found that many students...


Hi AJ, Here is another suggestion for solving the problem using these steps: 40 = 3x + x2 40-40 = 3x + x2 - 40  <-- Move all the terms to 1 side of the equal sign, so the equaton can be set to the value of ZERO and written as ax2 + bx + c, where a, b  are...

3x+15+5x=-1 (answer)

Hi Danielle, Let's talk about the steps to solve single variable equations. (3x + 15 + 5x = -1) 1.  Combine LIKE terms on the same side of the equal sign That means add apples to apples and oranges to oranges.  In the equation given above equation there are 4 terms:...