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Test Taking Tips

"I don't test well." We've all heard or used this common excuse used by students. It's something that students say in order to slip out of trouble for a bad grade on a test or quiz. I won't lie, I've used it myself once or twice. I'm sure everyone has at some point or another. Although, there is some truth to what is being said. Test taking can be very stressful on students. But I have some good tips as to what can help relieve some of the stress on students while taking tests. 1. Don't feel the need to take the test in order: One of the first mistakes that a student can make is to feel like the test needs to be done chronologically. Being a science major and a math tutor, I spend a lot of time working on equations. The tests I take revolve almost completely around a combination of multiple-choice and open-answer questions. No matter what order the test is in, I always do the open-answer questions first. Those are what take me the longest. Say I have 45 minutes... read more

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