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Having Trouble Focusing on Studying?

As much as parents would love their children to simply sit down and study, it unfortunately rarely works out that way. Part of the problem could be your student does not know how to study (it is not always due to a mental imbalance!). Not knowing how to study can cause frustration and boredom, which translates to fights and misconceptions with parents. It is therefore important for your student to find the most beneficial way to study his/her material. Here are some tips I have picked up along my own journey through school and personal experiences: 1. Flash cards of key terms, definitions, equations, etc. Although most students prefer to make flashcards to quiz themselves and each other, don't push this technique! Like everything else, flashcards are not for everyone. Students sometimes tend to memorize the order the answers are in, rather than the actual answers themselves; be sure to constantly mix up the flashcards when studying to ensure this does not happen. 2... read more

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