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Hello all! As a student who has taken Spanish from elementary school until Spanish 5 in my high school career (and is now furthering my Spanish education in college), I have been exposed to a large variety of teaching methods when it comes to foreign languages. I have studied up to German 5 as well, and verb conjugation has become one of my favorites! Like most things that I have learned, it usually takes something quite impressive to catch my eye and make an imprint on my memory. I have had to complete projects in which I taught a whole class by myself without speaking any English. With my visual aids, I have come to the conclusion that visual learning will help those trying to learn a second – or even third- language. This is where I say: Don’t just speak it and hear it; see it! When a student is able to physically see the structure of a new language, they are more likely to obtain that knowledge. According to recent statistics, visual aids in a classroom can help increase... read more

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