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Brooke contacted me through Wyzant and wanted some tutoring in photography and about how to use his camera. I was ALL OVER this! I'm a professional photographer and truly love the art. I've been teaching others for over 12 years as well, so this was right up my alley. When I'm given a certain amount of time to show someone how to take the best photographs they can, and this includes camera use and composition, I've got a tough job ahead of me. The photographer takes the photographs, the camera is but his tool. If I have just 1 hour - most of the lesson will be the artistic part; composition, contrasts, camera angle/point of view, subject, foreground/middleground/background - that sort of stuff. Surely we'll use some basic settings in the camera to help it do the best it can, but camera control can get very deep. If I show you too much or try to explain how all the settings work together - it might make you shut down, feel overwhelmed or make it difficult to remember a small... read more

I worked with my first student, Bill, in Adobe Lightroom. Bill got a new digital camera, but had most of his experience in film. So, you might say, we went from a darkroom to Lightroom - and it was a hoot! Although many concepts are the same between film and digital, the processing tools are completely different. When we got to the 'develop' process in Lightroom Bill just lit up. He couldn't wait to get his images into the program and start working his magic. I'm a professional photographer and I love the whole process. To share my knowledge with another is awesome! I can hardly wait until my next session with Bill.

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