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Can Someone help me study. I have my own material.. (answer)

One of my colleagues pasted the Krebs Cycle on his bathroom wall to help him memorize and understand it. His apartment was full of index cards attached to different objects he used daily. That way he could review a history course while cooking. Memorize scripture while dressing, etc. Of course,...


what is a five paragraph essay? (answer)

I like essays because they address ideas,thoughts and opinions more liberally than technical papers. Every essay has 3 parts: Beginning. Middle and End. Be sure you understand where you are when you are writing. You don't want to write the ending in paragraph 3 and be stuck for what else to say...


What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor? (answer)

Both a simile and a metaphor are literary techniques to compare two things with a descriptive phrase. Yes, a Simile is easier to spot because it is a STATED comparison using "like" or "as". The difference with a metaphor is the comparison is implied directly. Example: My cat...



Amy, satire is a sophisticated form of humor The intent is to poke fun at some important statement or event and present all sorts of ways it can be exaggerated or ridiculous if it is directed at another situation. Look for the humor or "tongue-in-cheek" statements and you will find...