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With 10 months under my belt, I am loving my relationship with WyzAnt tutoring.  The families I have been working with are fabulous and WyzAnt has served as a wonderful portal.   I have a return family from last year which makes me feel like I have found my niche in the area of study skills. 

How nice to receive a follow-up call from WyzAnt after my first lesson. It was great to get clarification on some of details. Have my next lesson on Saturday and can't wait!!

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead When my son wrote his essay for college, he indicated two teachers who he valued the most - the one who taught him to read and the one who taught him to think.

Thrilled to have discovered WyzAnt! As an educator/coach who is "phasing" into a new lifestyle, WyzAnt is a wonderful way to connect with young families who need assistance with their emerging scholars and I look forward to working with your child in assisting them in discovering their skill sets and to support them as they overcome the challenges placed before them.

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