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If I could go back in time and give my younger self, say maybe 4th grade, advice, I would tell myself to not be afraid to talk to teachers. I believe one of the most common misconceptions between students and teachers are that teachers don't want you to get good grades. I have tutored many kids in the past who want to improve their grade but won't talk to their teacher. I totally understand that 90% of the battle of raising your grades, is studying and understanding material; however, 10% is engaging and talking with your teacher. Teachers don't want anybody to get bad grades, if they could have it their way everyone would have a big ol' A+, but some kids just don't earn that. But, what I have learned over my 14 years of schooling is that if you are right on the verge of the grade you want, or sometimes, aren't even close, reach out to your teacher and TALK to them!!!! They will be so happy that you care about their class enough to come and speak with them that I am sure... read more

Today, the tutor poll question asked 'what question parents should ask a tutor' this made me think. There is absolutely a stereotype against tutors that they have never had a problem with any subject. This is so far from the truth! Everyone has troubles with certain subjects every once and a while. I have struggled with so many subjects, but I feel that because of my struggles in different subjects I have the ability to communicate with students. This past year I seriously didn't think I was going to PASS calculus. I wasn't even concerned about getting an A or a B or even a C I would have just been happy if I got credit for the class. So I went to and I found myself a tutor. I worked and worked and worked. I would study for hours at a time then study some more, and by the end of the semester, wouldn't you know it, I had an A in the class. My story just goes to show that with the right hard work and determination, even someone who believes they are going to FAIL... read more

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