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I think a successful way to teach a foreign language is through the TPR method (total physical response) because students are more likely to remember the vocabulary. TPR was developed by James Asher in the 1970's and has just recently throughout the years been implemented in many school programs throughout the country. The TPR method is taught a natural way of how any person learns a language. When your a baby you only hear words and see actions that describe those words. Over time you eventually learn how to say it and what it means. For example...the teacher wants to teach the Spanish class about careers and professions, so they first act out what the job is and say what its is. They might describe a driver and then say "conductor". Then later the teacher acts it out and the class would say "conductor". It is an effective way of learning, rather than the traditional approach. There have been several case studies that show the results which are quite effective... read more

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