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Summer school, tutoring, homework...It is all helpful, and a beneficial contribution toward keeping kids sharp for the Fall. However, I think it is important to promote play and movement more often and possibly include it in our tutoring if we can. Teaching math to an elementary student? Try using sound and rhythm as a warm up or intro into patterns. Go outside, sit down and face your student... read more

Depending on the child/student, being in an academic summer slump could be difficult to break out of. However with consistency, having your student use their brains effectively on something meaningful will go a long way. Here are some tips to get your kids to write: 1) After watching a movie (preferably one they really liked), ask them to name their favorite part. When you get home, ask... read more

It's here!!!!! The time of year most students have worked so hard for! But much of what students learn throughout the school year can be lost if they do not keep sharp with practice. With younger students have them help out with grocery lists, cooking from a recipe (with adult supervision of course), visits to the library (integral part of summer leisure), or for any ages singing songs... read more

Many children and adults as well cringe when it comes to the task of writing. An essential facet of writing is CREATIVITY. In order to channel your creativity, it takes some practice. Here's an idea that I found works really well (especially with elementary school children) with regard to this subject matter. With children: Start off with a variety of color swatches (usually carried... read more