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There, Their, They're: Its Not So Hard

How many of you, and be honest, still have trouble deciding which is correct there, their, or they’re? I know from experience that many students, even adult ones, still struggle with this. Well, let me see if I can clarify the situation just a bit. There: This is used to indicate a place or a location, where something goes or belongs. Examples: The store down the street sold candy... read more


Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests

So, you have this big test coming up, it could be the ACT, SAT, MAP, End of Course Exams, or just a final and you are getting a little freaked out. Well, don't be. Here are some tips and tricks to taking a multiple choice test that work for any subject. Just realize that these tips and trick are not hard and fast rules, but just tips and tricks. Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips: - Read... read more


Multiplication Tables - Argh! I Can't Learn Them!

How many times have your thought, "Aarrgghhh! Multiplication tables, I just can't learn them." In reality there are only 9 facts you have to learn. They are 7 *8; 7*9; 7*12; 8*9; 8*12; 11*11; 11*12; 12*12. How that is possible? Well, read on to find out. There is a color coded multiplication table at the bottom and the colors I refer to match up with the table. You know that... read more


what is a easy way to learn your time tables (answer)

Ashley, Both Elizabeth and John had wonderful answers but here is a trick that might help. In reality there are only 9 facts you have to learn.  They are 7 *8, 7*9, 7*12, 8*9, 8*12, 11*11, 11*12, 12*12. How that is possible is because: You know that anything times 0 equals 0. You...


Who is the most famous pointillist? (answer)

Although there are several artists who are pointillists, it seems that Georges-Pierre Seurat is probably the most famous. Some of his paintings include Can-Can, Circus Sideshow, Die Modelle, Gray weather Grande Jatte. Seurat studied under Justin Lequien and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres...