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Hands-on meets online

Greetings, scholars!     Last semester, I took the initiative to refresh my knowledge of physics by taking Physics I for Physical Science Majors from the University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera.  Learning physics- even re-learning physics!- can be a formidable challenge.  Making the connection between the real world and the symbols on the page isn't always... read more


Don't be sorry!

Greetings, scholars! Usually I reserve my blog for sharing tech tips and practical advice, but the upcoming holiday has me reflecting on how thankful I am for the wonderful teachers I have had over the years. There's Dr. Galvin, who taught me how to think about discrete mathematics, helped me appreciate "vintage" math literature, and showed me the online encyclopedia of... read more


Online flashcards

Greetings, scholars!     Using flashcards is a tried-and-true method for rote memorization.  As a student, I had stacks of index cards with terms on one side and definitions on the other.  These cards proved the key to success in subjects like biology and psychology.  Flashcards also help in subjects like calculus and chemistry, although memorization is not... read more


Free college classes!

Greetings, scholars! One of my dad's favorite sayings is, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is." The website Coursera is an example of why that saying needs the word "probably". The idea of taking real college courses from top-notch instructors at prestigious schools for free sounds impossible, yet students around the world are doing just that. When... read more


Paul' s online math notes

Greetings, scholars! The first step to success in any endeavor is having the right tools. Keeping tools organized and handy is equally important, but the overwhelming amount of information in most classes causes even the most powerful tools to get lost in the cluttered garage of facts, formulas, and applications. What we need as mathematical scholars is a neat, uncluttered toolbox where... read more