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I've always found learning styles to be fascinating. I've learned that a "hands on" learner can adapt to other styles. Unfortunately the U.S. school system is as it ever was. Take notes, listen to lectures, study, take tests, and then pass or fail. Little attention is paid to how the child learns. It is my opinion that the brain can be fooled into "thinking" its learning "hands on" when it isn't. My daughter is in junior high. She has inattentive ADHD (ADD) and she is a kinesthetic learner. At one time, she was always getting into trouble at school for chewing gum in class. She had acceptable grades. They weren’t great but better than most. Her grades started slipping an my wife (who is a veteran resource/LD educator) and I tried to find what the cause could be. We thought it strange, but thought that it was the gum. We implored the teacher to let her chew gum during class just as a little experiment, but the teacher was old school and didn’t... read more

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