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what elements is represented by each electron cofiguration (answer)

To keep it really simple, Ar has 18 electrons. Then adding the 2 electrons of the 4s orbital , we get 20 which is the atomic number of Calcium whose symbol is Ca.  Similarly, Kr has 36 electrons. Then adding the 2 electrons of 5s, 10 electrons of 4d and 4 electrons of 5p orbitals,...


graph -1/2x + 1/6y = 2/3 (answer)

Was not sure if you meant -1/(2x)+ 1/(6y) = 2/3 or (-1/2)x + (1/6)y = 2/3 The solution for -1/(2x)+ 1/(6y) = 2/3 is as follows: -1/(2x) + 1/(6y) = 2/3 could be rewritten as follows by adding 1/(2x) to both sides of the equation. -1/(2x) + 1/(2x) + 1/(6y) =...


calculating the van't Hoff factor (answer)

Although for this question, you will have to determine the Van't Hoff factor using the formula, there is a neat of verifying your answer.  Let us denote the Van't Hoff factor by i. The i value for a molecule like say glucose (does not dissociate when dissolved in a solvent like water)is...


Why is Shakespeare important? (answer)

Shakespeare is important because he has made a significant contribution to the English literature through his work on Drama or Plays. Reading and analyzing his work also provide insight into the culture and society around those times. Hope this answers your question.


4 x-2 z = b-2 solve for x (answer)

4x - 2z = b-2.  In order to solve for x, shift all the other terms to the R.H.S (Right Hand Side of the equation). 4x = b-2 +2z Now divide both sides by 4.  x = b/4  -2/4 + 2z/4  (Now we have to simplify or reduce the fractions)    =  b/4...


Favorite student success story

I had a student from Lawrence Tech University in Michigan who had registered for College Physics course at Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus. She was struggling with the course but had to complete the course with a decent grade for a degree in Graphics Design. She was completely clueless about the basic concepts and could not solve any of the Physics problems assigned as homework... read more