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Carmit H.'s Resources


Games in the class room: a theoretical approach

It is always important to know why you want to include a game in your lesson plan. The students may always have fun with a game, but without sufficient thought as to the format and content of the game, a wonderful opportunity may be missed. 1. Identify the goals of your game: First, list the skills that the student acquire or use in the course of the activity. They can include some the of... read more


Keeping your students active during reading time

KEEPING YOUR STUDENTS ACTIVE DURING READING TIME: Did you ever notice that if you ask students to read out loud—especially in foreign language—some of them tend to space off or loose attention? There are couple of ways to tackle that: 1. If you have a small group (6-7 kids) try to split them up into smaller reading stations, like 2-3 in each one. 2. Make sure they are following... read more


Planning your sessions: a guideline

The following questions may be helpful in guiding lesson planning: 1. Who are my students? 2. What do I know of their age, this time, this place? (What is the context?) 3. What are my aims? (Overarching educational goals – long range goals) 4. What do I want students to understand? (key ideas that you want the students to grasp) 5. How will students demonstrate what they have... read more


Great Hebrew session with a small group of 3rd graders

I had the pleasure today to teach my Tuesday 2 small classes of 3rd grades the 3rd session in Hebrew. I introduced them to the letters Shin and Mem together with the "ah" vowel. And we had fun approaching this subject! We first learned how to pronounce the vowel, then add a letter and figure out the sound it makes. Then I taped on each one's forehead either a "shin", "mem"... read more